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Tom Mavin     BSc.

Retired Detective Sergeant, Waterloo Regional Police Service

                                             Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Forty years of Firearm, 30 years of Policing and 21 years of Crime Scene Investigation experience including Bloodstain Pattern Analysis .  Thousands of crime scenes attended.  My expert evidence has been accepted in all these disciplines within the Canadian Court System (see Curriculum Vitae).


A private practice to assist those in the court/legal field with expertise and questions about crime scenes and police forensic investigations.

Assistance to those in the production of Movies/TV Shows and authors of publications, with questions of CSI/Firearm reality in their productions.


Bloodstain Pattern Analyst (Certified by Ontario Police College)
Sudden Death/Homicide Investigation
Firearm Investigations: testing/functionality, identification/classification, Canadian firearms law
Shooting Incident Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation: fingerprints, foot prints, tire tracks, physical matching, evidence gathering, DNA etc.

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